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mikey: Jeff Pinkus - vocals, bass Bobby Landgraf - guitars Lance Farley - drums ex-members: Carson Vester - guitars Gable Barber - guitars 1997 - Ten Inches Ep (man's ruin records - at vinyl only) 1998 - Split w/ Iron Boss (thick records) 1999 - S/T Lp (honest abe records) 2000 - Attacked By Lesbians - Live Album (Y records, eat at they records) 2001 - House Of Good Tires Lp (hall of records) 2005 - Balls Out Inn Lp (smallstone records, deadteenager records) Austin, Texas, USA, год образования - 1996 stoner rock/southern rock/blues rock/hard rock/heavy boogie/country rock влияние: lynyrd skynyrd, the allman brothers band, molly hatchet, blackfoot, 38. special, the marshall tucker band, the outlaws, atlanta rhythm section, sea level, zz top, black oak arkansas cхожие исполнители: raging slab, pride & glory, mississippi sludge, drive-by truckers, backdraft, halfman, grady, halfway to gone, five horse johnson, the brought low, a thousand knives of fire, all night, dixie witch, scorched earth, hogjaw http://www.honky.net http://www.myspace.com/honky

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mikey: Паш, это что за релиз - дебютный одноименник?

sheeza: mikey пишет: Паш, это что за релиз - дебютный одноименник? ага 1998 на почте забрал вчера

mikey: класс! молодца!

mikey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF2dos3shgc

W23ZoMb: HONKY: Long-Running Austin-Based Superboogie Trio Featuring Butthole Surfers, Melvins, Down, And Dixie Witch Alumni To Release Corduroy Full-Length This Month

Лёлик: А интересно, дудки во всех треках будут?

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