Stoner Rock Bands La Chinga

La Chinga

mikey: Ben Yardley: Guitars, Vocals Carl Spackler: Bass, Vocals Jason Solyom: Drums 2013 - S/t (Lp) Vancouver, Canada, - 2011 stoner rock/hard rock/blues rock/psychedelic : kyuss, rival sons, led zeppelin, hot lunch, graveyard, radio moscow, mountain, blue cheer, mc5, cactus, free, bad company, captain beyond, sir lord baltimore, steppenwolf, scorpion child, fu manchu, black sabbath, barbarian overlords

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mikey: ! - Snake Eyes, La Chinga. 2014 ! Small Stone !

Maphusail: mikey : Small Stone ! , !!!


mikeyII: LA CHINGA , , "Beyond The Sky", Small Stone . -: Nothin That I Cant Do Wings Of Fire Mama Boogie Black River Beyond The Sky Keep On Rollin Killer Wizard Death Rider Feel It In My Bones H.O.W.'' ''Warlords''