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Кто какие стонер-релизы ждет в текущем году? (продолжение)

mikey: погнали

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dron: Бум ждать !

W23ZoMb: Crumbling Ghost - II Official release date is 15th July!

punknotyet: С сайта http://kamchatka.se: "New album Posted on: May 7th, 2013 Hi! For all you people out there wondering what´s up with Kamchatka these days, here´s some info. We´re working on a new album! The reason for not “attending the public eye” for a while is because we´ve concentrated on doing new songs. At the moment we´re in the studio, recording and working on the new songs. Stay tuned for upcoming news, folks! Cheers /Kamchatka ... In the studio Posted on: June 5th, 2013 Hi! Tomorrow Kamchatka will hit the studio to continue the work with the new album. It´s going to be awsome people!!! Cheers /K"

mikey: но это, наверное, уже будет релиз 14 года...

punknotyet: Ну скорее всего так. О дате выхода речи пока не идёт. Но сам факт радует.

mikey: да пора уже - да - 05/07/09/11 - 13...

Sslessar: The Flying Eyes - Lowlands Release date 26July, 2013


punknotyet: SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT FIFTH ANNIVERSARY IN 2013 This year, SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT are celebrating their fifth anniversary. According to that, they already released several records this spring (news here), but they planned more ! This fall, they will release their 3rd studio album “Waiting for the Flood” on their own label Electric Magic Records, and will tour all over Europe during 3 weeks... Источник: http://www.soundofliberation.com/news_full/items/samsara-blues-experiment-fifth-anniversary.html

Don Pedro:


James Joyce:

punknotyet: С фэйсбучной странички Witch Hazel (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Witch-Hazel/162394691070): "Pre production on our follow up. 7 songs laid down. Stay tuned..."


idiot: Новое EP выходит в сентябре на superhotrecords

porn: idiot пишет: Новое EP Средний род - намёк на качество творения


idiot: Tracklist: 1. Icarus 2. Suns 3. Birth Of Venus 4. Pintao 5. Once We Were… 6. Circles 7. The Ship (Bonus Track)


mikey: когда релиз?

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