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xSxTx: В двух словах: Группа "тру": Практически вся тематика творчества - травокурение и расширение сознание посредством практической эйфорийной терапии. Вязкая фуззо-грувовая музыка с характерным хрипяще-надтреснутым вокалом."..похоже на музыку BLACK SABBATH, растворенную в белом тумане безграничного космоса. Забейте её в ваш кальян и курите на здоровье" (некто Ink19) Откуда: г. Мэдисон, штат Висконсин Валят: Stoner, конечно. Замуты: 1998 Methods for Attaining Extreme Altitudes 1999 Stash 2000 Apogee 2002 Gateway 2004 Apogee (reissue) 2004 Live from the Relapse Contamination Festival 2005 Amerijuanican Участники: Mike "Muleboy" Makela - Vocals, Guitar Jeff "Spanky" Schultz - Guitar Dixie Dave - Bass Mike "Magma" Henry - Drums Статус: Активный Фотка: Лейбл: RELAPSE

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sheeza: xSxTx пишет: Валят: Stoner, конечно. Sludge-stoner-doom хуярят за всю мазуту. Просто stoner-ом это нельзя назвать. Вокал чисто сладжевый. Они одни из лучших сладжеров на равне с WEEDEATER, BUZZOV-EN.

xSxTx: sheeza пишет: Просто stoner-ом это нельзя назвать. Вокал чисто сладжевый Да чертьего знает, товарисч майор. Вон те же Beaten Back To Pure тоже гроулят-скримят. Не суть важно имхо. Суть в том, что группо зашибонское: фузз, грув, драйв укуренный - всё при них

mikey: в heavies их

Dopesmoker: А у нас темы про них до сих пор не было Странно,группа-то однозначно знаковая Как я уже говорил,раньше не особо их долюбливал чисто из-за вокала,но в определённый момент что-то произошло,видимо преевость самого музона пересилила и теперь могу заслухнуть иной раз в охоточку xSxTx пишет: Практически вся тематика творчества - травокурение и расширение сознание посредством практической эйфорийной терапии. Да,по уровню марихуанизации с ними мало кто может тягаться Их самих уже наверное можно приколачивать и курить

mikey: неее-все таки вокал отбивает у меня любое желание к их прослушке

Demon: Bongzilla Bio "...like BLACK SABBATH deconstructed in the white, hazy confines of a practice space. Put this in your pipe and smoke it." - Ink 19 Since the seeds were planted in the mid-90s, BONGZILLA have been sowing Madison, Wisconsin's rich soil with their own style of homegrown, psychedelic sludge-core. Cultivating an extremely thick and heavy harvest of powerful mega-rock, BONGZILLA have fertilized their sound tenfold over time, and the results of their bumper-crop harvest speak for themselves. Prepare to inhale. Releasing pounds of material over the course of the last few years, BONGZILLA have raised consciousness in regards to their existence, and have kept their musical fires burning non-stop. Having toured the U.S. multiple times, playing gigs with the likes of TODAY IS THE DAY, UNSANE, NOOTHGRUSH, LOGICAL NONSENSE, DYSTOPIA, GRIEF, ZED, CATTLEPRESS, EL DOPA, IRE, CAVE-IN and the mighty SPAZZ, BONGZILLA love to perform live. The band's live show is not to be missed as crushing heaviness blends perfectly with tortured, intense vocals and tripped-out passages of mellowed, experimental jamming. Heavy doses of slow, bluesy riffs ooze over the churning, sick thunder of the band's rhythm section, comprised of Mike Henry (drums) and Nate Dethlefsen (bass). Mike Makela (guitars/vocals) spews the word and praise of the budlets that make his eyes glaze over with euphoria as Jeff Schultz (guitars) adds his swirling contributions to the band's otherworldly rock. BONGZILLA support the cause of legalization, regularly playing national Hemp festivals such as Weedstock (BONGZILLA contributed a track to the Weedstock Vol. 1 CD) and Harvestfest. The summer of 1998 proved to be an important time for BONGZILLA, as they made a highly publicized appearance at the Milwaukee Metalfest in addition to joining labelmates UNSANE for a devastating tour of the Midwestern United States. Influenced by the medicinal powers of THC and a love for wicked grooves, BONGZILLA entered the infamous Austin Enterprises in 1996 where they recorded a massive demo with TODAY IS THE DAY's Steve Austin overseeing the festivities. This, along with other demos from the band, made their way to the Relapse Compound (the subject matter alone warranted multiple listens) and the band was signed shortly thereafter. 1997's Methods For Attaining Extreme Altitudes presented three opus magni for the elevating of musical consciousness, and proved to be a perfect companion to a serious bong session. Two heavy, stoner-rock anthems and a billowy sonic cloud of ethereal experimentation (aptly titled Smoke/I Love MaryJane) lit up the senses, and produced a hazy, bleary-eyed vision of what was yet to come. In 1999, the hemp-friendly horticulturists returned from the stratosphere once again, bringing with them some of the best THC-powered rock ever exhaled! Recorded under the influence of 3 ounces of Humboldt's finest, Stash presented ten fat spliffs of crystallized bliss. In the truest sense of irony, the release date for Stash fell on April 20, 1999 (4:20, '99), a release date that occurs only once every 7 years! In addition (and also by complete coincidence), the random Relapse catalog number assigned to Stash was 6420! When extreme homage is paid, the true are rewarded justly. With a Sabbath-on-downer-encrusted sound that blends billowing rock, clenched-teeth blues and an underground punk attitude, BONGZILLA fire up thunderous mega-rock with a pronounced emphasis on the "big riff". The band's next album, Gateway, showcased a BONGZILLA sound fertilized ten-fold - simultaneously aggressive and mellow - with thunderous percussion, smoke-seared vocals and infectious, fuzzed-out riffs baked to perfection. Discography Stash Apogee Gateway Shake (The Singles) CD Reviews Amerijuanican Apogee Gateway Stash

mikey: ахуенный пост

Dopesmoker: Да чувак из Бельгии.

mikey: барабанер и вокалист-гитарист бонгзиллы замутили новый проект aquilonian в духе классического дума 70х

Giche Manitu: чорт божественно I Love Mary Jane!

Giche Manitu: mikey пишет: барабанер и вокалист-гитарист бонгзиллы замутили новый проект aquilonian в духе классического дума 70х http://www.myspace.com/aquilonian

Игорь: mikey пишет: барабанер и вокалист-гитарист бонгзиллы замутили новый проект aquilonian в духе классического дума 70х а может уже кто качнул сие чудо? на мэйспейсе офигенно звучит - прямо ранний Саббат))))

mikey: ниче так темка

Giche Manitu: Игорь пишет: а может уже кто качнул сие чудо? так еще ж не зарелизили вроде)

Stonezilla: вот недавно организовал себе футболку longsleeve "There I sit at the gateway Wondering how far she might take me I don't know if what they say Is it true, I'm gonna live that way I just need to find my way Back on home, coming back today Here I am, back in the zone The zone of life, always stoned"

Giche Manitu:

Dopesmoker: Дизайн феерический


Игорь: Stonezilla пишет: вот недавно организовал себе футболку longsleeve заказал где? или сам сделал?

Stonezilla: заказал тут

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