News & Gigs Roadburn 2010 (15.-18.04. Tilburg, Holland)

Roadburn 2010 (15.-18.04. Tilburg, Holland)

Vodkasatan: ! , , ! ? !!! !!! 28 10.00 - !!! lineup : Candlemass Comus Enslaved Goatsnake Pagan Altar Sons of Otis Thorr's Hammer Tryptikon Yob Mouth of the Architect Karma To Burn Master Musicians of Bukkake Brant Bjork & The Bros Moss Yakuza Altar of Plagues Shrinebuilder Trinacria Dream of An Opium Eater Enslaved / Shining (NO) Bong Horisont Jex Thoth Ancestors ASTRA Church of Misery Fatso Jetson The Gates of Slumber Kylesa Øresund Space Collective The Wounded Kings Nachtmystium Lamp of Thoth Monkey3 Night Horse Eagle Twin Los Natas Monarch Death Row Witchfynde Jesu Evoken Valborg Serpentcult Shever Noneuclid EYEHATEGOD Jarboe Totimoshi Firebird Troubled Horse Black Math Horseman Bohren & der Club of Gore Magnus Pelander Long Distance Calling Ahkmed Sarke Suma John Garcia sings KYUSS Earthless Russian Circles Dive Samsara Blues Experiment Darkspace AFTERBURNER (18.04.) Outlaw Order House of Broken Promises Dixie Witch Sourvein Graveyard Oceana Company Capital Sentimental The Machine p.s. roadburn :" , "

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Vodkasatan: ASTRA Majestic psychedelic prog rock by this American band on Rise Above Records. Believe it or not, San Diegos Astra isnt some obscure band from the early 70s finally getting their due, and The Weirding wasnt excavated from any long-lost archives. Although it could arguably pass as a prized relic from another era, this cosmic album was released earlier this year. BONG Sunn 0))) meets Sleep? Hawkwind jamming with Ravi Shankar? All that and more: meet Bong. Formed late 2005 within the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Heavy, repetative and psychedelic. Obsessed with the power of mantras. Extreme repetition. Ability to transport our minds to other places of thought; Cannot deficier the destination. Obtain influence from marijuana. Pure Thought is only obtained once your mind has left your body. CHURCH OF MISERY Making their third appearance in row at the festival, it looks like Japans serial-killer-obsessed seekers of the almighty riff Church of Misery are poised to become the latest Roadburn house band. All joking aside, Church of Misery were among THE highlights of the previous Roadburn festivals (both the Bat Cave and Green Room proved way to small for them), and Roadburn 2010 will mark their triumphant return, this time on stage in the 600-capacity Midi Theatre. Friends! We are incredibly excited to announce that well be bothering you once again at the beloved Roadburn festival. Its three years running for us now, and believe us, we know how lucky we are to have been asked back again. Its not only one of the greatest bunches of people in the world to play for, but also one of the best places in the world see the bands we want to see, and to meet our friends from around the world. Both times weve played before have been incredibly special for us, and well be laying down our souls for rock n roll again for you in 2010. LET THERE BE DOOM!!! Tom Church Of Misery FATSO JETSON One of the most consistently adventurous and entertaining desert rock bands of the last 20 years, Fatso Jetson is as unpretentious as the California desert is wide. Instead of just going with the groove for the sake of grooving, Fatso Jetson expound on it in many different ways. Sometimes they go completely against the grain just to emphasize when they are in the pocket, while other times the flow is there but the heaviness of the instrumentation obscures it. This is true desert rock. You hear what makes Mario Lalli and Josh Homme tick, and wonder what on earth they put in the water out there in Palm Desert to grow such interesting guitarists and bands. THE GATES OF SLUMBER The Gates of Slumbers sound is a throwback to the old school doom laden sounds of the grandfathers of heavy metal, offering brooding yet gargantuan (doom) metal, epic tunes and sinister dirge-heavy work. A strong addition to Roadburn 2010! HORISONT If you like the heavy 70s, youll certainly dig Swedens Horisont. They excel at creating old school, bluesy hard rock, influenced by the likes of Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath and November. The fact that half of the lyrics are sung in Swedish and English adds to bands appeal. Horisonts debut album, Tva Sidor av Horisonten (Two Sides of Horisont) easily ranks among the very best stoner rock albums of 2009, and is sure to win over lots of new fans. ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE The Øresund Space Collective is a totally improvised space rock band from Copenhagen and southern Sweden. The membership is changing all the time and features members from Danish bands Gas Giant, SumoSun, Mantric Muse and Swedish bands The Carpet Knights, Sgt. Sunshine, Bland Bladen, Siena Root, and Drahk von Trip. The band are all about finding a groove and creating psychedelic space rock music within this framework. They always have at least two guitar players and two synthesizer players plus bass and drums. The band records and releases all their concerts for free to the fans. The band has released 5 CDs and will have its first vinyl album out in late 2009. A new CD will be released on Transubstans in April 2010 in time for their appearance at Roadburn. KYLESA Headed by the very capable duo of guitarists and vocalists Laura Pleasants and Phillip Cope, Savannah quintet Kylesa bursts out the gate with a roar, melding psychedelic sludge with catchy rhythms that do not let up until their captivating live show is over. THE WOUNDED KINGS UK Doom band The Wounded Kings, hailing from the legendary bleakness of Dartmoor, awakened by a tarot prophecy, merge Britains occult heritage with the fragile spirit of the human condition. They aim to produce a unique blend of spectral doom and psychedelic horror. Originally a studio project they now crash onto the scene with a killer live unit to initiate the masses into a bottomless pit of suffocating heaviness. Original concepts derive from Edgar Allan Poe, Dantes Inferno, Miltons Paradise Lost and obscure occult mysteries; they combine to create a greater understanding of otherworlds. Stay tuned to this space for more news, such as additional band announcements, and the one youve all been waiting for, the official date that pre-sales begin for tickets!


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Vodkasatan: !!! !!! 28 10.00 - !!! To all Roadburn acolytes: tickets for Roadburn 2010 will go on sale Saturday, November 28th, 10:00 Central European Time. 3-day passes will cost ? 145, plus services fees. Single day tickets will not be available. Experience shows that an overwhelming majority of people want to enjoy the entire Roadburn Festival experience instead of limiting their visit to Thursday, Friday or Saturday only. In the wake of the ticket mayhem prior to Roadburn 2009, we explored several possibilities for avoiding secondary ticketing. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent it from happening. We also noticed that all ticket outlets in the Netherlands cannot prevent scalpers from reselling tickets. A personal registration system for selling tickets was ultimately rejected. To do so would have required raising the ticket price even more, which simply was not an option. Secondly, as much as we recognize the negative impact of scalping and strongly oppose the practice, it is not against the law to resell tickets in the Netherlands. The Dutch government has been dragging its heels on the ticket scalping issue for years. However, in an attempt to prevent unscrupulous brokers from interfering with Roadburn, we have set a two ticket limit per buyer for 3-day passes. Roadburn Festival 2010 April 15-16-17, 2010 3-Day passes: ? 145 + service fees 2 ticket limit for 3-day passes Roadburn Afterburner April 18, 2010 1-Day pass: ? 20 + service fees 2 ticket limit for Afterburner passes Roadburn does not make a profit on the festival. Every ticket must be sold in order for the event to break even. BUY YOUR TICKETS ON LINE: This year, if you wish to buy your tickets online you will need a valid credit card. The authorized online ticket site is We strongly advise against buying your tickets from other (online) ticket services. Counterfeit tickets will not be accepted. Attention online buyers: be sure to create your account in advance. That way you can save your information and avoid extra time-consuming steps when you log on to purchase your tickets when they go on sale on November 28th. BUY YOUR TICKETS AT OFFICIAL SALES POINTS: In the Netherlands, tickets will be sold at the 013 box office, the main post offices, the Free Record Shop, Sounds Tilburg and VVV Utrecht, Nijmegen, Groningen, Leiden, Eindhoven, Enschede, Breda, Arnhem, Amsterdam and The Hague. Or call the ticket hotline: T 0900 300 12 50 (? 0.45 per minute) Please note: in previous years we have been forced to confiscate tickets that were purchased from an unauthorized sales point. There are dozens of ticket broker sites that are more than happy to offer tickets at inflated prices, and in many cases they are not even authentic Roadburn tickets. We sincerely regret that we cannot admit you to the festival if you are in possession of what proves to be a counterfeit ticket. Do yourself a favour and purchase your tickets from the official sales points listed above

Vodkasatan: NACHTMYSTIUM !!! Nachtmystium confirmed for Roadburn 2010; performing a unique-to-Roadburn set Illinois-based extreme metallers Nachtmystium have been confirmed for the Saturday Roadburn date, April 17th, 2010. This show will pan hard towards Nachtmystiums more psychedelic inspired material taking Black Metal and the Roadburn attendees to a musical place that theyve never gone before. We are pleased to announce that Nachtmystium will be making our Roadburn debut this coming year!, says Blake Judd, We will be performing a unique-to-Roadburn set that will focus on our more psychedelic-inspired material, along with brand new material from our next full-length record Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II. A guest appearance by Bruce Lamont of Yakuza (who played on our last full-length, Assassins: Black Meddle Pt. I) can be expected at Roadburn this year, along with some other surprises. We are very excited and honored to get the opportunity to be a part of this amazing festival.

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Vodkasatan: LAMP OF THOTH Roadburn 2010 will see the triumphant arrival of Dr Simon Von Strange, along with his cohorts Emily Pentangle and the nefarious Randolph T. Reaper; where they will unleash their dark twisted formula that is The Lamp of Thoth (Saturday, April 17th). Described by some as a seriously unbalanced, eccentric mix of NWOBHM and the Doom cults, The Lamp of Thoth will raise the spirits of dread eldritch horrors and enslave you to bang your head and worship in the name of Heavy Metal! All Give Praise To Satan Roadburn Loves The Lamp!!!

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Noel: - , line-up ... Karma To Burn, Horisont, ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE, Shrinebuilder ... CHURCH OF MISERY ASTRA , ( ). , ... , ! , obscene hellfest . obscene , ... Napalm Death Disfear!

Vodkasatan: , ? !!!! , , .... \ - . , : "once you taste the burn, you have to return". , . ( )

Vodkasatan: Roadburn Afterner: Dixie Witch & House of Broken Promises Dixie Witch and House of Broken Promises have been confirmed for Roadburns special Afterburner event on Sunday, April 18, at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland. More bands will follow. Texas power-trio extraordinaire DIXIE WITCH will be unleasing their ragaging stage show (featuring new guitarist JT) at Roadburn Festivals additional afterburner event. Anyone who has not yet seen Dixie Witch live is in for quite a treat. Their old school southern/stoner vibe is infectious and undeniable, and their professionalism is highly appreciated. Formed from the ashes of Unida and hailing from Indio, CA, desert trio HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES offers up an inviting combination of canyon-size riffs and fuzzed out desert grooves. Raucous and catchy!

Vodkasatan: Jex Thoth Ancestors JEX THOTH, with siren Jex at the helm, play a distinctive kind of psychedelic doom that encompasses Black Widow, Pentagram, and Amon Duul II. Thriving on occultism and alchemy as well, theyll take the Roadburn attendees on an extremely interesting doom-odyssey. Rural as fuck, and Heathen as a Cunt and thrice as mysterious, Jex Thoths is a strange ministry. I imagine this quintets audience dwelling in scattered & out-of-the-way homesteads, rarely coming together as a community, and so obliging this itinerant quintet to spread their barbarian information out to their congregation by any means necessary; for their music contains few highs or lows of the Urban variety, and replaces obvious hooks with insidious melodies that emerge then take over our melting plastic minds. Not for Jex Thoth the Metallic K.O. Instead, their Very Rudimentary but extremely evocative and primal sound is circular, beating-the-bounds, ever-returning to earlier themes, pummelling their audience not with a single punch to the head but through a series of muffled and hazy blows to the lower torso a war of attrition. Its as though the music of Jex Thoth is designed to be heard only in brief snatches as though the musicians had been expected to hawk it from farm to farm, day after day, month after month, their hoary themes gradually ever so gradually intoxicating their recipients for want of any other tunes to be had in the neighbourhood. But, while its good work for the Trolls when they can get it, its damned peculiar that such a divine chanteuse should have chosen of her own free will to hook up with such a gang of neer-do-wells Julian Cope, Head Heritage Theres nothing common about the music of Los Angeles quintet ANCESTORS. To peg or try to pigeon hole the art they create would be missing the point. Ancestors weave an unorthodox mixture of sonic textures, down-tempo riffs and rhythms, accented with well-crafted melodies and at times full-throttle assaults. Their music is a journey through the past into the future; a signpost for a quickly emerging force of musical power and creativity

Vodkasatan: Shining (no) Norways SHINING is indisputably one of the most hard-hitting and progressive bands from that kingdom. They are constantly pushing musical boundaries, whether avant-garde metal, jazz, prog-rock or psychedelia. The band excels at melding these disparate musical elements into a unique genre of their own, called Black-Jazz. Over the top and sophisticated at the very same time, Shining (NO) create energetically original and thrilling music.

Vodkasatan: Monkey3 At their inception, Switserlands MONKEY3 sounded somewhat deriviate of 35007s aural soundscapes, but their sound has matured into something unique. The band has a deft ability to weave a myriad of sonic tapestries together, drawing from such diverse elements as potent metallic riffs, massive grooves and layers of exhilarating synthesizer effects. Monkey3 create their own interpretation of kaleidoscopic acid rock with great zeal drawing the listener deeper and deeper into their multi-faceted mindscapes, until it becomes a fairly daunting task to adequately describe their extended live jams. However, all you need to know is that Monkey3s instrumental patterns will form, dissolve and swirl euphorically in your cerebellum, and definitely keep you oscillating between mellow chill-out and furious air-guitaring.

Vodkasatan: Night Horse NIGHT HORSE exploded on to the Los Angeles rock scene in 2008, playing their first live show ever, while mixing their debut EP The Dark Wont Hide You for Tee Pee Records. Night Horse has caught the ears and eyes of critics and fans alike with their unique ability to blend the greater aspects of rock music with a much needed breath of contemporary fresh air. If Sonic Youth had been immersed in an ocean of Allman Brothers inspiration, or Soundgarden had been steeped in late 60s Fleetwood Mac, then they might have turned out something like this. Night Horse take traditional blues-rock, spark it up with riotously noisy flashes and drag the rhythms through an early-90s grunge experience. Moreover, theyre cohesive, charismatic and compelling. Night Horse has hardly stood still in the last year. Gaining notoriety with a rollicking and visceral live show they have released 3 split singles since their debut, and show no signs of slowing down. Night Horse plans to enter to the studio with Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis, Pearl Jam) to record an EP and full length for Tee Pee Records to be released in early 2010

Vodkasatan: Eagle Twin A two-headed minstrel eagle bearing a tentacle shroud, EAGLE TWIN is Gentry Densley (Iceburn, Ascend) and Tyler Smith (Form of Rocket, Hammergun). Prophets and worshipers of myth and riff. Densley suspends several octaves of pitch in the air at once with singular doom-tools of his own crafting: acrylic baritone guitars bastardized with bass strings and bull entrails, sinewed to an all-tube seawall of wattage. His voice thick with rust and lichens. Telling tales; telling the future. Smith is himself the hammer, and orange lucite is his fearsome, resonant forge soon reduced to a shattered-hardware, splintered-stick, fist-smashed-drum nest of his own making night after night. Doom blues roots rock backing a new mythology of old testament proportions. Born of Crow, Eagle Twin growls, I am a brother to dragons, and a companion to owls. Job 30:29

Vodkasatan: Los Natas LOS NATAS, hailing from the land of the gauchos and the pampas, spent their early musical career trying to shed the label of being the Argentinian Kyuss. While they undoubtedly absorbed the musical spirit of Kyuss, they used it as a jumping-off point and turned it into their own style of well-crafted stoner rock. Over the last several years, the band have refined and expanded their sound to include prog and kraut rock as well as Argentinian music. They now stand firmly in their own unique place in the musical spectrum, taking their listeners on grand journeys where beautifully intricate guitar parts swirl, entwine, tantalize and then finally give way to seriously heavy riffage. Los Natas is here to bring unadulterated stoner rock back to Roadburn.

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Vodkasatan: OG : Thursday, April 15th: Main Stage: Goatsnake Enslaved Kylesa Yob + 2more bands TBA Midi Theatre: Sons of Otis Shining Monkey3 + 2 more bands tba Green Room: Mouth of the Architect Ancestors + 3 more bands TBA Bat Cave: Øresund Space Collective Bong The Wounded Kings Night Horse + 1 more bands TBA Friday, April 16th Tom G Warriors Only Death is Real: Triptykon Thorrs Hammer Trinacria + 14 more bands TBA Dream of an Opium Eater (Night Show) Midi Theatre, Roadburn Festival: Comus Karma To Burn Master Musicians of Bukkake Church of Misery + 1 more band TBA Saturday, April 17th Main Stage: Enslaved / Shining - playing The Armageddon Concerto Shrinebuilder Candlemass including Epicus Doomicus Metallicus in its entirety Nachtmystium +1 more band TBA Midi Theatre: Sons of Otis Brant Bjork & The Bros Astra Jex Thoth Yob Green Room: Moss (UK) Yakuza Altar of Plagues Fatso Jetson The Gates of Slumber Los Natas Bat Cave: Horisont The Lamp of Thoth +3 more bands TBA Sunday, April 18th Afterburner Green Room: House of Broken Promises Dixie Witch

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Vodkasatan: DEATH ROW!!!! Roadburn is very pleased to report that seminal doom-legends DEATH ROW will be part of the festival line-up on Friday, 16 April 2010. Death Row will appear at the Midi Theatre as part of the Roadburn Festival. Tom Gabriel Warriors curated event Only Death is Real will be held on the same day at the 013 venue. Out of the tumultuous past of their careers together Victor Griffin, Joe Hasselvander, and Marty Swaney are bringing Death Row back heavier than ever. But this time theyre leaving the elements of deception behind the darker images, which to some degree blinded them, and tore them apart time and again from the inside out. Unfortunately, this reformation of Death Row will be without Bobby Liebling. Parts of the past have certainly left scars on some of us that have yet to heal. Until then, we move forward with best wishes & prayers for Bobbys success in Pentagram, and in his personal life. What you get from this Death Row will be the same true-to-heart heaviness you expect. Songs written during the formative years by Griffin will comprise most of the set listalong with songs penned by Joe, Victor, and co-written with Bobbysuch as The Ghoul and All Your Sins which feature lyrics by Liebling. The fans have really been the main catalyst for this reunion, as they bring the 3-piece* Death Row machine back across the sea. * The band thanks Eric Wagner for his special guest vocal appearance at the Hammer of Doom Festival this past October in Wurzburg.